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You have a location, a crew, an idea but no benches, tents, cones, tables for the crew and client. We can help. With or without us.

What we have: the short list

- 3x Mastertents 3x3m with walls and fitting corner

- 1x Mastertent 4,5x3m

- 1x Mastertent 1,5x1,5m

- 18x Table/Bench sets wood, each for 8 people

- 14x Table/Bench sets plastic, each for 6 people

- 45x Cones

- 1x Small Generator 1.2KW

- 6x Wardrobe rails

- 70x Matts (90x120cm) for set cover

- Trashbins

- Ashtrays

- Heater indoor & outdoor

- 2x Wifi Cubes (Vodafone 4G)

- mobile office (A3 Printer, scanner)

- 22 x Walkie Talkies Motorola XT420, Headsets

- 2x MakeUp Mirror, portable, Daylight tubes

- 8x Client Chairs foldable

- 2x Coffee machine (full automatic)

- 1x VW T5 Trasporter

- 1x Peugeot Traveler VIP with leather, electric doors, etc.